Our brand's mission has always been to merge women's comfort, high quality products and sustainable values. Theses values are embedded in our production from thread to garment. 

For an ecoresponsible and local production. For an ethical and human



By making our own biodegradable fabric the BIO-MOOVFLEX™, and by producing everything within a 300 km radius, we can significantly reduce our ecological footprint. We also use recycled fibres likeEconyl® in the fabric of our tops.


Moov Activewear is a company run by and for women. Our cooperative approach allows knowledge sharing among specialists. The working conditions of our sewing team are a priority for us (fair wages, clean factory, well-lit, etc.)


In addition to producing our clothing in Quebec, we have chosen to weave our fabric, the BIO-MOOVFLEX™ right here. The proximity of stakeholders allows us to ensure better quality control, provide more efficient customer service and have shorter production times.