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You are now the happy owner of an ethical and performant garment from the MOOV Activewear brand. Here are a few tips on how to take care of your garment, how to put them on (yes, there is an optimal way to do so) but most importantly, how to enjoy all of its benefits. 

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HOW TO TAKE CARE OF MY leggings, capris AND shorts


You can machine wash and tumble dry all of our leggings, capris and shorts made from MOOVFLEX®. Ideally turn them upside down before washing but don't worry about them losing their shape, fit and color! 

You may chose to let them air dry but although air drying will be quick, it will never be as rapid and effective as the clothes dryer!

As simple as that : wear, wash, repeat!

comment Entretenir mes camisoles

We advise you to wash your tank tops (especially those in Econyl™) in cold water and let dry flat.

It might be safer to avoid dryer to prevent tank top from shrinking. However, they do enjoy a complete cycle in the washing machine and will not pill or fade.


Legging must be properly put on to ensure it stays in place. Yes, a legging with such a sheathing effect requires a particular technique to avoid from dropping. This short video will also help you evaluate if you have picked the right size for you.

Something bothers you, you have questions and you would like to discuss it with us? Do not hesitate to contact us.

Find out more about us by watching our leggings in action in this Web Series The Fabric of Sport. You'll discover many different sports, inspiring athletes as well as Gen and Steph taking up surprising challenges.

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