from factory to head office.

A truly local business

To keep our promises, OUR fabric, the BIO-MOOVFLEX™ is woven FOR US in Quebec. We put a lot of effort into research and development to design a textile that would meet our performance criteria, while being manufactured by people close to us who are ready to follow us in adventure and innovation.
Magasiner local

While many companies purchase their fabrics overseas to then sew the garments here or design the clothes here and sew them overseas at a lower cost, we ensure all possible steps are made here in Quebec. It's in a completely transparent way that we wish to work with you...


Our desire to produce everything 100% locally sometimes reaches its limits. Unfortunately, no factory in Quebec produces this exclusive thread yet. This is why we have turned to foreign producers for this production phase.


From this yarn, our exclusive fiber, the BIO-MOOVFLEX™, is woven and dyed in Quebec within 100 km of our head office, ensuring superior quality control.


Accent fabrics such as Econyl® or Charcoal Bamboo are carefully chosen from local fabric distributors whenever possible. Even though fabrics might be imported, we at least support our local economy.