le bio-moovflex™

The story of a textile revolution
>We have created the first biodegradable textile fiber that performs well enough to make high-quality sportswear. Our leggings, capris, and shorts are now made of BIO-MOOVFLEX™, our exclusive fiber which maintains Moov quality standards: sheathing, versatility, breathability, comfort, hold in place, and durability.

Less microplastic

Every time a synthetic fabric garment is washed it releases tiny strands of plastic, invisible to the naked eye, which flow down our sewers, through water treatment plants to our rivers, lakes, and oceans by the trillions.

4 years instead of 400 years

Landfills are overflowing and all clothing, whether made of recycled or new fibers, whether reused several times or not, will inevitably end up there UNLESS they can disappear into the environment without leaving a trace. BIO-MOOVFLEX™ will degrade in 4 years rather than 400 years...

For the future of the planet

As a company, our environmental responsibility is not limited to a single phase of the operating cycle. Recycling and recovery, while essential, have limits. We want to push those boundaries, raise the standards and look for other solutions.