In 2013 the Tremblay sisters founded the Studio Moov in Boisbriand, Québec. The physical activity centre for families quickly became a big success, and the idea of developing a range of training clothes to meet the needs of the clientele was quietly underway.

'The Studio allows us to test, day after day and directly in the field, our clothes. It is also here that we are daily witnessing the needs of active women. It is our own laboratory of MOOVement.''


Geneviève and Stéphanie Tremblay, Co-founders Moov Activewear, Studio Moov and Moov en Ligne

Geneviève and Stéphanie Tremblay, combine life experiences and are distinguished today in a third career: an entrepreneur in the field of high-performance exercise clothing. Active and accomplished, they are also proud mothers and qualified coaches..



Stéphanie worked for several years as a television production assistant. During her studies, she kept fit by performing as an aerobic instructor. A few years later, it is this passion and desire for performance that will constitute the foundations of the first Moov company: The Moov Studio. With 3 children and 3 companies she continues to give about twenty group classes per week to satisfy her hyperactive sidehyperactif.



Geneviève quickly moved up the amateur sport ladder to join the first division of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) in the United States. Following her studies, she became an oceanographer specializing in marine biology, serving as a project manager in environmental impact studies. The birth of her children led her to review her lifestyle and her passion for sport and his interest in entrepreneurship resurface.